Who we Help


Are you time poor, and so busy dealing with work and day to day life that you have not had time to consider the following?

  • Are you putting your savings capacity to good use
  • Is your mortgage being actively managed to ensure you pay the minimum interest and reduce it as fast as possible
  • Are you making the most of the equity in your home
  •  Are you building wealth separate to your home
  • Have you provided for your children’s education if you plan on private school
  • Have you considered the financial consequences if something happened and you were unable to work temporarily or permanently
  • Would you leave a financial and legal mess behind if you passed away
  • If your family’s lifestyle is dependent on your income, what is the safety net strategy in place if this income stopped as a result of your death or inability to work?

Business Owners

Are you involved in a business that is stable or growing? You may wish to consider the following:

  • What wealth do you have that is not tied up in the business, have you invested enough outside the business
  • Are you making the most of the equity in your home
  • Would the business suffer if you were unable to run it temporarily or permanently
  • What is your succession plan – how do you exit the business from a voluntary or involuntary cause if you chose to, or upon retirement . Is there a ‘business will’ in place
  • Are there multiple owners and if so, is there a funding mechanism to facilitate the share transfer upon death or disability? what happens if one of you are unable to continue working or pass away
  • Do you have business debt that needs to be managed more actively to minimize cost
  • What is the value of your business
  • If you were to pass away would your family be able to cope financially


Have you reached the stage where you are now looking forward to retirement in the next few years?

Do you know how much you will spend per year in retirement, and have you put a plan in place to achieve that goal? The following are things that that you need to consider:

  • Paying off your mortgage or investment loans before you finish work
  • Ensuring you have sufficient in savings, assets and superannuation to afford the lifestyle you desire
  • Making the best of the ever changing rules around superannuation and taxation
  • Investing the funds you already have accumulated to so they work hard for you between now and retirement
  • How much risk are you actually taking with the investments you hold


Are you retired and concerned by global volatility and interest rates?

Are you comfortable that the funds you have will last long enough to look after you for the rest of your life? We can assist you with the following:

  • Reviewing and managing your asset pool to assist you in ensuring that your assets are invested appropriately for your situation
  • Making sure you are not taking unnecessary risks with your savings
  • Building a portfolio that provides you a good level of income as well as potential to grow over the long term
  • Navigating and maximizing the benefits from the ever changing regulations around superannuation